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School of Puppetry presents Building Workshops on DVDs

‘THE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP OF PUPPETRY’ DVD SERIES A Digital SCHOOL OF PUPPETRY.  At the Festive Factory, we have distilled the “Learn a Lot” process by developing a series of ‘Virtual Workshops’ l A ‘HOW-TO’ MANUAL ON  DVDs and CD ROMs.     LEARNING or TEACHING AT YOUR OWN PACE Each DVD has been made from hundreds of hours of actual construction filmed at high res then edited and effected to present you with the BEST FOOTAGE at a pace you can follow. At a fraction the cost of attending a workshop, you’ll cover many weeks of material in...

Make Puppets -Ventriloquist, Rod & String for Beginners to Intermediate Builders

NOW AVAILABLE  The Virtual Workshops of Puppetry series present ‘VENT, ROD & STRING PUPPET BUILDING’ This triple disc set is designed to give the beginner all the skills needed to build incredible puppets suitable for  Ventriloquism, Rod, Table-Top and Small Stage puppetry including Marionettes. Included as a BONUS are plans and video guidance for construction of a simple wooden marionette. Complete with professional controls, this marionette can be the foundation of a vast array of characters by simply modifying the plans to suit your own style.   Filmed ‘close-up’...


Take this LINK to Make a WOODEN STRING PUPPET There is an art to crafting a beautiful Marionette puppet. Training in String puppet construction is virtually impossible if you don’t live in Europe, ….Until now with the release of a new DVD series. See below for details. String Puppetry is the classical ballet of puppetry. It occupies top position along side Bunraku, the body style puppetry from Japan or Shadow puppetry from Indonesia. Performing with Marionettes requires an immense amount of training and skill to perfect. Opportunities to learn how to both build and perform in this medium...

The Artist in Residence Summing up Part 2

In this final blog about the community artist, I point out a few observations and tips for any artists considering working in this way as reported over the last 5 weeks. Its about the ‘Artist in Residence’; an artist who goes into a community residency. Many artists work alone, or as soloists. When working as artist in residence, it serves them well to be a good ‘people’s person’. Good clear communication, multidisciplined, and working under time stresses are also useful skills for the artist to have. If an artist has great social participation talents, they will activate the least ‘likely’...

Summing up Part 1. The Community Artist

Over the last 4 weeks I have examined various models that demonstrate the variety of ways a professional artist may come become engaged to work within communities. I have observed how the artist opportunities and jobs in the arts are also opportunities for communities to be a part of something new. I have looked at the value of an artist who is multi-disciplined. I have drawn examples from the archives of Festive Factory. This week and next, I conclude this series in summing up certain useful observations that will also influence and guide those artists and communities that may be considering to...

’Artist in Residence’ Part 4. Festive Factory Experience

Last year Festive Factory was invited and hired (through a Festivals Australia grant), to work with the community of Penshurst. This week’s blog, briefly touches on the methodology behind Festive Factory’s engagement and the skills Festive Factory brought to the ‘work bench’ as ‘Artists in Residence’. Penshurst is a small township just south of Hamilton in the South Western district of Victoria. Its various claims to fame include its position as birthplace of the celebrated artist Napier Walla, who specialised in mosaic art and recognised largest fertile biodiversity volcanic lava...

Community Artists. Part 3.Puppetry in Alice Springs and Horsham.

The last two weeks worth of blogs have been about the way Community Artists are matched to communities and the roles they perform in the process. This week I continue the investigation using more experiences from the Festive Factory archives. Red Dust Theatre based in Alice Springs, Central Australia, was producing a production requiring their cast to manipulate specially constructed puppets. At their invitation and again through a grant process, Festive Factory were invited to be artists in residence providing puppet construction and performance workshops. Prior to the commencement of the residency,...

Community Artists. Part 2. Exceptions to the Rules

Last week, two models were cited, of how Community Artists are hired and matched; skills to needs; Artist to project/community. This week I recap on these common models and illustrate that from time to time, alternative processes occur. The illustration is taken from the working experience of Festive Factory. Recapping on last weeks information, a community may conceive a project for a specific event or purpose and then seek a suitable artist to facilitate the execution within the community. Alternatively an artist will conceive of an idea and propose it to a community to participate. In both instances,...

‘Artist in Residence’. An Introduction.

This 6 part blog series exposes how the call for artists leads individuals or groups to become ‘Community Artists’ and how they can artistically invigorate a community. They can actively instil energy and flair, this results from injecting an appropriately skilled practitioner into the midst of any type of community. It will demonstrate what happens when artists may be sought for general artistic education of a community, or be hired for site specific, goal oriented outcomes. To illustrate some points, I have used selected anecdotes from Festive Factory’s experiences as ‘Artists in Residence’...

Bouncing Castles and Inflatable Slides.

Inflatable Jumping Castles for sale and hire are as popular today if not more so when the first crude designs hit the markets many years ago. These days’ designs have continued to develop and the choices for both adults and kids are growing. Plus the advertising potential is significant as these objects frequently tower over a fair ground environment. Visibility is a key to the design and potential realised. Further, being inflatable they reduce to a very manageable size fit for a suburban trailer and SUV. Bouncing castles and inflatable slides have seen a major shift in recent years from the...
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