Run For The Kids 2010

Run For The Kids 2010 is a fabulous annual fund raising event. The sponsorship and coordination of the event was outstanding with so many people giving so much, they need to be looked after. And this was achieved in a number of ways including, free entertainment, giveaways, food, massages, and even a car.

Run for the Kids was once again a massive and successful fund raising event for children with serious disabilities. Participants maxed out the entries. It has become so successful that entries had to be closed off for the second year running meaning that around 30,000 people took part. It is a major logistical happening requiring the cooperation of so many organizations and corporate sponsors.

With so many people participating in the Run, this event touches the heart like no other.

Festive Factory was thrilled to be invited to returned for the 5th consecutive year presenting new acts to amuse and delight.

A number of stilt walker acts roamed including

  • The Empress Butterflies,
  • tim tim,
  • Flash Twinkle Toes and even two pirates in a ship!

On the ground they laughed at
Gone to the Dogs and The Flying Doctors presented by Festive Factory. Also

  • Sam Star,
  • Red The Clown
  • Carolyn Connors.

There is no doubt that the entertainment provided by Festive Factory’s ‘Gone to the Dogs’, The Flying Doctors and Cathy’s Clowns would have lifted the spirits and brought welcome distraction to tired and aching muscles at this years Run For The Kids 2010.

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