Animal Farms: Why are they needed? Part 1.

A Mobile Animal Farm

A Mobile Animal Farm

Animal Farms provide a tactile experience for your event and are becoming more and more popular as an increasing number of children find fewer animals in their lives.

In an ever-growing society that lives more in the towns and cities, there is a big disconnect between urban and country values and understanding. Where does food come from? What does a chicken feel like? No longer can older generations expect that such mundane considerations are automatically understood by children .

As we take for granted the elements of our lives and culture, a lesser-discussed aspect of urban living is the disconnect our young people have to the natural world. For example it wouldn’t occur to previous generations to not know where food comes from or how it is grown. Yet for some young people, their only experience is that food comes from shops, based on apartment living.

It is one thing to ‘know’ about the world instantly through the web; it is entirely another thing to experience the natural world.

Enter the Animal Farm.

The Mobile Petting Zoo

The Mobile Petting Zoo

Animal Farms have been a growth industry over the last 15 years as entrepreneurs have come to recognise this disconnect cited above and provide a valuable service. This is the service of experience.

Housing in cities has shifted away from an out door lifestyle. This is evidenced through the increasing trend of providing apartment dwelling and new housing in suburbs where the emphasis is on the large size of the house which is disproportionate to the land upon which it is built.

Kids are taught about animals in school of course, but seeing, touching, smelling hearing is where the real education strikes a chord. As they want to feed the animal that doesn’t want to eat, if they handle the animal inappropriately and it yelps, as they see animals simply in the flesh, they have an opportunity to experience something that their forefathers took for granted, simply the rhythm of the species.

Here lie the seeds of an enjoyable hands on education: eggs come from chickens and ducks, milk comes from cows and goats, meat comes from calves and lambs.

There is no doubt that Animals Farms are  fantastic vehicals to bridge the disconnect between the urban and rural lifestyles.

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A hands on Experience that only Animal Farms can give.

A hands on Experience that only Animal Farms can give.

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