Balloon Sculpting..A whole lot of ‘Hot Air’?

Balloon Animals and balloonologists are a popular element amongst special event organisers be it for community festivals, shopping centres or any other environment where interactive colourful child centric giveaways is a high priority.

Over the last 15 years, the practitioners offering the art of balloonology has increased and consequently the standard of product and service has also got better with more complex multi balloon creations.


There is a great variety of highly skilled fabulous and experienced service providers like Balloonaversal Entertainments, Tony Bones Entertainment, Dreams Scape Entertainment or Balloons by Design, the home of Mr Balloon Man. A quick visit to any of their web sites will show how in today’s market, diversification is intrinsic to marketability.

In the race to offer ‘newer, better, different’, it’s not enough to simply offer balloon sculpting for kids. The bar once raised is a one-way trip. All those artists mentioned above offer a variety of services. (Incidentally, note that the few mentioned above are not even one percent of the artists available for the kind of work.)

Mr Balloon Man, from Balloons By Design, for instance, offers corporate balloon modelling such as the provision of table centrepieces, large-scale arrangements suitable for stand alone foyer displays, workshops and teambuilding activities and stage shows. Whether providing workshops for kids indoors or outside, or any of the above other balloon treats, Mr Balloons demonstrates that the only limitations are those from a lack of imagination and certainly its not from the limitations of the medium.

On a quick visit to his web site, one will enjoy some extraordinary designs striking in the visual delight offered. For example, two balloon dresses designed and constructed for the racing industry are absolute standouts. But also don’t miss his ‘life sized‘ cars modelled with a child inside. He really illustrates that all things are possible.car6

Typing ‘Balloon Animals’ into a google search indicates another interesting phenomenon; this being the ease at which it is easy to learn the art of balloon twisting from a multitude of willing practitioners ready to pass on the skill. This is also apparent from the books that are now available, the organizations and competitions and festivals that run from time to time. It really is enjoying growth as an industry in its own right.

I believe there is more generosity in the desire to share the knowledge that I note is necessarily the opposite from say those in the ‘Magic’ industry. Here of course, all practitioners and support personnel are sworn to secrecy. Perhaps the Balloon industry can be more generous because new designs are constantly being thought up and to do even the simplest design requires skill and practice, like anything of value.

The humble quirky clown act has evolved into ever more skilful practitioners and the great beneficiaries are the audiences from all ages and all backgrounds. From the children’s party to the high flying corporation that requires some team building time, Balloonologists can provide all level of needs and more besides.