Bouncing Castles and Inflatable Slides.

Inflatable Jumping Castles for sale and hire are as popular today if not more so when the first crude designs hit the markets many years ago.
These days’ designs have continued to develop and the choices for both adults and kids are growing. Plus the advertising potential is significant as these objects frequently tower over a fair ground environment. Visibility is a key to the design and potential realised. Further, being inflatable they reduce to a very manageable size fit for a suburban trailer and SUV.

Bouncing castles and inflatable slides have seen a major shift in recent years from the small-scale last minute add-on in a community festival or special event, to a major work of art. These days it is as much about visual delight as it is about providing child or adult addition to special events.

Certain elements about these equipments ensure that the popularity remains as strong as ever; Kids love to jump and kids love to slide. Adults also like to jump and ‘biff’ with each other. These giant inflatable play equipments provide that safe environment to do so. And many come as combination units divided in half; slide here, bounce there.


But it is the design that has indicated that there is a new kid in town. Still created from essentially inflatable fabric primarily manufactured in China, designs have reached new and wondrous images from scary monsters to huge and bizarre versions of a ‘titanic’ half sunk with waves…all created from inflatable material.


And of course the advertising potential of such equipment has not gone unnoticed. The technology used to create these various giant inflatable objects is also responsible for creating a range of products such as inflatable globes, slides, tents and marques. Many designs are theme related for instance the ‘Disney range of jumping castles that might reflect the latest popular movies: the Batman Jumping castles, Nemo, Scooby Doo, Princess, Dora and so on. Not to mention the ‘Foxtel inflatable tents and more.shrek

The nature of the equipment lends it self perfectly to poolside fun so it is no surprise to find giant inflatable slides present at suburban aquatic centres.

Tis the season to be jolly, so it is to be expected that companies that sell and hire jumping castles, inflatable slides and various other giant play equipment are working over time as the festive holiday season gears up. Jumping and bouncing has shifted into top gear as the festival season shines and children try to bounce ever higher to reach a summer sky.