Face Painters

Face Painters Face Painting is a sensational activity that will guarantee a popular line-up of guests waiting and ready to let their hair down (or tie it back) and add to the gayety of any festivity or special event. It’s contagious in the most enjoyable way.

Not only assisting in decorating the crowd, the experience of having ones face painted contributes to a relaxed happy environment, were adults let the inner child out and children grow into something else with fantasy surrounding all. Making sure to engage face painters that have the experience and professionalism to ensure that your guests safely enjoy the participation is paramount.

A derivative: Body Painting, is the art of using a male or female, live human body, as the canvas for the painting, of a non-permanent decorative art piece. Body painting is unique in the fact that it also has the added pressure on the artist that the “canvas” cannot wait for days while the artist relaxes or looks for further inspiration.

Ulla by Peter Voice

Ulla by Peter Voice

Every year the body painting community gathers in one location for the World Bodypainting Festival. The professional artists and painters, who are new to body painting, come from around the globe to marvel at the creative genius and artistic expression that takes place at the festival. The pressure on the top artists is intense, as they battle for top honours in the various disciplines of the art. At the world championships during the main days artists from 40 nations worldwide compete for various category awards.

Face Painters Face Painting is still one of the most popular activities at any event, guaranteed to please the multitudes – it presents an ideal opportunity to engage with the community at store openings and community festivals, corporate open days or community events.