Houdini’s Magic Flight

Houdini’s Magic Flight Reappears in the 100th anniversary marking the event.

21 March 2010 marked the centenary celebrations of Harry Houdini’s first powered flight of an aircraft in Australia at Digger’s Rest in Victoria. There were demonstrations, exhibitions and entertainment that were all just magic.

The magic of flight, Houdini later wrote, was in the “glorious thrill” of first adventure, and “not in minor modification which is perpetual in any art.”

The exposed landscape provided a suitable venue for the escapologist, Harry Houdini, to achieve Australia’s first officially recorded powered flight in 1910.

To mark the occasion, the Melton Shire Council hosted a wonderful family day with loads of entertainment for all ages.

The line up for the day included headliners such as Darryl Braithwaite and the obligatory Magic Show from the master prestidigitator and escapologist himself, ‘Consertino’.

Magic workshops were provided for those who wanted to try their hand at a little prestidigitation, conjuring and being a mentalist.

If Magic wasn’t quite your thing, there was plenty of other entertainment including stilt walkers, circus acrobats, and jugglers providing a range of fabulous acts provided by NICA students.

There were also amazing Kites flying and kite making workshops for those who were inspired by the winds that blew across the field.

But the star attraction had to be the full-scale replica model of the Biplane Aircraft that Houdini flew. This remarkable reproduction illustrated how splendid the design was. Indeed it was a thing not only of sculptural beauty but functionality combined into a breathtaking object of powered flight mobility.

Festive Factory was thrilled to be invited to this milestone and auspicious event with their fun ever-popular act ‘Gone To The Dogs’ and being a family day, many brought their pets along. Festive Factory’s act certainly added that certain ‘something else’ to make people look, laugh, and wonder.

All in all, it was a centenary celebration that took flight and soared to wonderful heights before just like the great Houdini himself, disappeared into fun filled memories that we trust did justice to the Great Mans Achievements.