Make Puppets -Ventriloquist, Rod & String for Beginners to Intermediate Builders


The Virtual Workshops of Puppetry series present


This triple disc set is designed to give the beginner all the skills needed to build incredible puppets suitable for  Ventriloquism, Rod, Table-Top and Small Stage puppetry including Marionettes. Included as a BONUS are plans and video guidance for construction of a simple wooden marionette. Complete with professional controls, this marionette can be the foundation of a vast array of characters by simply modifying the plans to suit your own style.


Filmed ‘close-up’ you’ll get a first hand look at all these skills being taught at a pace thats easy to follow and has the option of reviewing as only a ‘chapter based’ DVD series can present.

The skills shown, take the viewer through processes including:

Plans and Blue Prints (showing how to take a simple character drawing and develop it into a scale plan)

Modelling (in natural clay and sculpting mediums such as DAS and air-dried or polymer clays)

Casting (clear instructions for making reusable plaster casts allowing you to produce a range of characters from one simple cast)

Papier-mâché (techniques for using plaster cast moulds and free-style methods to add character features)

Body Construction (various styles of ply and dowel timber construction methods for dummies and puppets)

Head and Moving Mouths ( various methods for adding moving mouths to hollow heads inc. flexible latex. Perfect for taking Marionettes to the next level)

Arms and Legs (showing a variety of joints and constructions to suit any style of puppet)

Hands & Feet (techniques for wooden, papier-mâché, modelled, moulded and latex dipped)

Latex casts (learn the fundamentals of working in flexible latex – a foundation for all cast features)

Also included are production photos, plans and notes – presented on CD for PC and Mac computers

In almost 4 hours of video guidance, you’ll cover material that would normally be presented in 4 weeks of full-time workshops. The ease of ‘stop-start’ and learning at you own pace means you can progress through your development and constructions at your own pace. (Note: attending a 4wk workshop normally costs well over $2500 + travel)

Perfect for your Puppetry reference library or an ideal gift for the keen enthusiast wishing to have foundation knowledge in building .


“Thank you to the many people who have encouraged me to commit these workshops to a series of DVD’s. For those of you that are challenged by the travel and time commitments, I’m sure you’ll get wonderful results from these ‘virtual workshops’ and create many wild puppets that are refreshingly different from the Muppet genre.” Enjoy, Steve.

Triple Disc Set – Double (2x) DVD plus CD Aud$65 + postage