Modeling Balloons

Balloon Sculpture is the art of shaping or twisting balloons into recognizable balloon models, usually but not restricted to animals.
Mr Balloons practices balloon sculpture and typically uses multi balloons in his original designs. He delights in being a kid’s entertainer and he is one of many children entertainers that use this medium.
People who do this work are often called ‘Twisters’ or ‘Balloon Modelers’ or ‘Balloon Sculptors’. Many Twisters limit their work to twisting and become specialists. But more often than not they must be multi skilled. They will incorporate twisting into their acts as buskers, clowns, face painters, jugglers, children’s entertainment, roving entertainment or even story telling.

Typical designs use single balloons, restricting designs to the use of one balloon per model, and multiple balloon modeling, using more than one balloon per model for more complex and creative designs.
Depending on the needs of the moment, they might easily move between the one-balloon or multiple balloon approach.
Modeling techniques have evolved to include a range of very complex moves, and a highly specialized vocabulary has emerged, to describe the techniques involved and their resulting creations.

Some twisters inflate their balloons with their own lungs, and for many years this was a standard and necessary part of the act.

However, many now use a pump of some sort, whether it is a hand pump, an electric pump plugged in or run by a battery pack, or a compressed gas tank containing air or nitrogen.

Twisters do not generally fill their creations with helium, as these designs will not usually float anyway. The balloons for twisting are too porous for helium and the designs are generally too heavy for their size for helium to lift.

Balloons come in a range of sizes styles and colours and suit most applications limited only by ones imagination and ability. Like all disciplines, the magic of the model is best achieved with practice.



Practice plus an understanding on the responsiveness of the balloons to environmental conditions will have a major impact on the success of the the success of the Balloon Modeler. With these two factors, the enjoyment of many is assured for years to come, as artists work in a medium that continues to grow in complexity of designs and creative expression.