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‘What Christmas and NYE Entertainment means to Festive Factory’.

All our friends and collegues are saying the same thing, we’re flat out! It was so quiet a month or so ago and then bang; Explosions of bookings following on from weird and hectic days of enquiries and proposal submissions; Days when urgent answers were required and meant it was dangerous to leave the office for even a moment.

Leonie Devine of Novastar Productions came through with some great goodies too, including entertaiment that promises to be a hoot for New Years Eve. It will kick off at Luna Park in the early evening and follow through to the early hours of the new decade.

But what of Christmas and a silly season?
Cathy Dean of Cathys Clowns, working for Showtime Attractions, has sent a few surprises through this year.

Never one of our major players, she has shined with some surprises this year.
We were delighted to be a part of the Knox Santa Christmas Parade through the Knox Shopping Centre Plaza and to rub shoulders again with Red The Clown, whos big red smile lifts the spirits just to look at him. We understood that the centre had thought to garnish real reindeer to do the job, but logistics conspired to ensure that we trouped in front of Santas’ sleigh in the parade instead. Just as well considering the crowd, as I would hate to think of how the the noise and chaos would have impacted on real animals even if they had grown up in an animal farm for kids.

Unusually Cathy secured our Elf riding Reindeer act, to be let loose to roam at Croyden’s Carols by Candlelight, after stalking the isles at Bunnings Warehouse conveniently all on the same day. There’s even her annual engagement of our Christmas Angel playing the Flute for another new shopping center client in Blackburn. Thanks Cathy, much appreciated.

But what can be said about the Bendigo Market Place? With bookings everyday for the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas, they have to be rewarded with all we got. So they get to see our Giant Butterflies, our Fixing Elves, our Musical Elves and of course the Christmas staple, the much loved ‘Elves Riding Reindeer’.

As the rain falls on a parched land, Festive Factory will also have a bumper harvest and will rest knowing their acts have gone home with thousands of happy families in hearts, minds and of course the obligatory photographic memories.

NYE Entertainment always books out fast at the Festive Factory !!

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