Part 3. ‘The Agent Equation’.

This week, understanding the job descriptions of the Entertainment Agency and Event Managers and determining if there are significant differences.

Within the realm of the overall title ‘Entertainment Agency’, there are huge variables of job descriptions also:blackberry-swimming_784388c

• Casting talent
• Management Consultant
• Booking agent
• Acting agent
• Music agents
• General all round entertainment agents

All these listed will have small variables regarding whom they work for and where their speciality lies. For example some will specialise in Musical Management, modelling agencies, child actors, public speakers, circus, street theatre and novelty acts, etc.

Also they way the operate may have some specific differences.

images-4Casting talent Agencies are usually understood as providing personnel for the film industry specifically. Talent will apply, supply photos, and perhaps even pay a membership fee. They will be contacted to attend a screen test perhaps audition for the Buyer. Some agencies also offer further training for screen hopefuls and of course the individuals are required to pay all the way.

Managers also operate for artists however there is a difference between agents and managers:
Agents have the authority to make deals for their clients. Managers establish connections with producers and studios, labels and publishers etc. They also might guide the artist’s career. In many ways one might reasonably say that managers have a far more proactive role on behalf of the artist seeking work for them as opposed to waiting for the phone to ring or the email to arrive.images-5

Certain elements remain consistent however: The agent will coordinate the details of wardrobe/costuming, directions, any other requirements of the day etc as well as negotiate the contract and /or pay. They strive to fulfill a Buyers requirement offering what they consider as ‘best fit’ Talent and may offer a number of options from whom the client will make a final selection.

Next week Part four. “The Agent Equation’ Regional context and consequences on competition.