Part 5 ‘The Agent Equation’

The Upsides and Down sides of working together and apart. What role (if any) does favoritism play in the capacity to obtain work in the relationship between Buyers, Event Companies or Entertainment Agencies and Artists?

There are upsides and down sides to working with agencies but their roles are designed to allow both the Buyer and the Talent to concentrate on what they do best. On occasions, the up side for the Buyer maybe the down side for the Talent. This week we explore these complex relationships.images-15

The upsides for the Buyer of working with Event Management Companies and agencies include the convenience of being able to potentially handball all aspects of an event over to a company that looks after the contacts, licences, and ‘know how’ to stage a safe and successful event. As relationships extend, a trust is developed that is keenly protected by both parties.

Another upside for the smaller or newer Buyer is of course having access to a large pool of talent apparently available through this Agent or that.

An upside for the Talent in listing with agencies, include (but is not limited to) being part of a large portfolio that commands a greater presence in the field and so increase the rate of exposure to potential buyers.

The upside for the Agents to have Talent list with them, is that by having a big file of performers, a greater market prominence is likely…in other words; you will notice the bigger shop over the smaller shop. The agent may get more enquires from potential Buyers. The more Talent in the database, the bigger, more experienced, more capable, more trust worthy the Agent appears.

But inevitably there are downs sides to all this availability.

The down side of working with agents is that the Buyer may be charged more for the services and convenience, is more distanced from the Talent; they must trust that the Talent are experienced and appropriate.

Disconnects may happen when agents typically work with favourites and do this before taking consideration of the Buyer needs. In some cases what the Agents present to the Buyers, may be a great fit or a terrible one, all because of this.

Many performers have experienced the engagement where they know their style of entertainment is inappropriate or that the event is not as described.images-12
(All systems fail from time to time).

To be continued next week in Part six of the Agent Equation series.