Puppets part 2.

As story lines are created and retold, companies will mix puppet genres even with live actors making best fit to tell the tale. Stories range from the simple to the complex as illustrated below.

Internationally, a simple story told by the France based company Royal De Lux presented Giant Little girl String puppet is as follows: She wakes, she dresses, she showers she goes to play in the park.  Here of course the story can be simple as the delivery is unique and novel. Visit the link following.


It is certainly remarkable and inspiring.

Other stories, fairy tales for instance are popular in Europe or the representation of classic operas such as Don Giovanni, commonly found in the Czech Republic or Shakespeare’s’ MacBeth told in opera and Black light by Melbourne based Dream Puppets.

Companies such as Polyglot Puppet Theatre have flirted with body style puppets with a nod to the Bunraku tradition, Black light theatre, live actor and puppets, rods shadow.

Other companies such as Festive Factory combine mime, clown and various styles of  puppetry producing highly accessible unique improvised street theatre all based round the puppetry as a bridge to its public.

Snuff Puppets and Adelaide’s’ Androids increase the size of the puppetry requiring the operators to perform on stilts or with large backpacks. But there are big differences between these two companies. One relates to ‘Theatre of the Grotesque’ with ‘rough house’ finishes to their construction, while the other focuses on a highly polished ‘robot-esque’ style.

Festive Factory also expands the puppetry art form. Containing within its puppetry arsenal, a giant Praying Mantis Marionette with 24 strings. Apart from being a gorgeous highly crafted wood work of art, this extremely complex string puppet is approximately the size of an Alsatian Dog. More on Festive Factory in the next puppet article.

But the ‘take away’ from today’s Blog is the legacy of a history and tradition, along with the diversity and flexability of the puppetry medium. Through companies such as Royal De Lux and Festive Factory, a continuance of evolution is set to push boundaries like never before.