Roving Music Bands

Live Music Bands that rove have a long history that have evolved into musical clowns that prevail today.

Greater interactivity with audiences through combining extra (Circus for example) skills and themed costumed has assured their popularity.

Companies that demonstrate this include Wacky Entertainment, Batacuda and Festive Factory. But there is a down side for such bands. Read on to discover what it could be in a much loved genre.

Bands in some form or other, have been around for centuries. There has been a steady evolution to fulfill a niche left open, by other live music practitioners;

  • the accompanist,
  • the concert artist,
  • the background piano bar style.

They add ambience to the special event environment be-it creating a festive atmosphere, providing a thoughtful contemplative audio space for somber occasions, or performing spot shows on route round a venue in corporate environments.

Typical line-ups for musical bands might include

  • Bb an Eb Saxophone,
  • drums,
  • trombone,
  • accordion,
  • guitar and
  • acapella singing.

More recently, by combining various other skills, along with any themed costume, live bands have brought music into greater interactivity with audiences appropriate for virtually any event. The ‘Live Music’ genre is far more dynamic and has a stronger presence when used in this way.

“Wacky Entertainment” are costume specialists. Any or every theme you could think of might be represented in costume. If you don’t see your theme, “Wacky Entertainment” will provide it. Popular costumes usually relate to sports such as horse racing, football, cricket, and tennis. Then there is that other special event, Christmas. This means that the same line up of instruments and musicians are guaranteed of annual engagements and this has proven to be a highly successful business model for the company. Crucial to their business model is also of course, the dissemination of their ‘Wacky News’.

Batacuda” are a group of percussionists that specialize in bringing a variety of skills to their work. They employ a high-energy cross-cultural medley of percussion, circus skills and assorted mayhem. A vibrant and colorful five-person troupe, playing rhythms from around the globe, even Rock ‘n’ Roll. They encourage audience participation along the way. They will use anything as instruments: bicycles (their owners helmets), rubbish bins, prams, trucks, coffee cups and sculptures – whatever makes a sound. Then there are circus tricks – the pram balance, shoe juggling, and umbrella manipulation just to name a few! They also perform a show either as a circle or stage, that might include musical gymnastics, comedy, drumming solos, physical contortion & fire juggling, all encouraging audience participation.

Festive Factory offers a wandering soloist on Flute in suitable attire for Christmas or any other special events. Combining audience participation through repartee and (where appropriate) handing out percussion instruments, there is always joy to be. We are yet to find some one who does not like Flute.

But so often, bands must perform in noisy environments and compete for airspace. Consequently all but the loudest line up of brass and percussion may get drowned out. While musical bands remain extremely popular, event organizers fail to consider the environment in which they ask musicians to perform in.

With the addition of fabulous costumes and the contribution of extra skills, musical bands will always be in demand just as they have been for centuries past.