The Art of Sand sculpting Part 4 Market Potential. Professional sand sculpting companies

Companies specifically geared towards creating sand sculptures are starting to spring up. These companies have found a niche market with corporate and private clients seeking to promote a business or product or simply to ‘wow’ their guests at a special event. While most of these businesses operate part time, there are a few that operate full time: ‘Fitzy Snowman Sculpting’, ‘Team Sandtastic’, and ‘Sand Scapes’ in the USA, and ‘Sandinyoureye’ in the UK, and Sandology in Australia.


Looking at any of these web sites indicates that while any one talented craftsperson can learn the technique, like any story it is the subject matter that engages, intrigues and charms.
The nature and beauty of the sculpting is that any theme can be represented. From Hollywood action heroes to fairy tales and so on, there are simply no limitations as to what can be created, except that imposed by the individual artists.

This guarantees that the potential market for any of these businesses is set to increase and certainly is rising in popularity and mainstream awareness.
In July 2009 made sofas out of sand for the ‘T4 on the beach’ festival in Weston Super-Mare. These were used as a set to conduct various interviews with celebrities. They can be more solid and less fragile than first thought.
Some time recently a car company employed a team of sand sculptors in the promotion of their new car for a television campaign.



Other services offered by these companies include a variety of workshops, team building exercises, school holiday activities, shopping centre attraction, festival focus. Common to many of these services is the recognition that the public is fascinated in the process. This means that part of the attraction is to create the sculpture publicly over many days.


Corporate team building has been a growing part of the business of these groups. It has been stated that the aforementioned ‘Team Sandtastic’ derives 40% of their business from these hands-on activities. Next year it could reasonably be expected to grow.
Over this 4 part series of blogs on Sand Sculpting I have investigated, the ‘how’ of the masters techniques, the ‘where’ such artists work and the ‘who’ get to enjoy the work.

As one of these companies states from their web site, ‘The marketing value of Professional Sand Sculpture is that it is as much a performance art as it is a display art.’
By accurately coordinating the timing of sculpting logistics, organisations and communities can maximum media impact and thereby one can reasonably expect the popularity of this compelling art form to increase.