The Paint Pot People Childrens’ Painting Workshops.

The Paint Pot People Children’s’ Painting Workshops provide fabulous and fun on site entertainment for school holidays, birthday parties, shopping centres, festivals and much more. But they also provide services and products. The Paint Pot People is a simple yet clever business model and its simplicity is its attraction.


Services not only include children’s parties and onsite paintings workshops but they can cater for 80 to 100 children and also hire out easels.

This business has also been sighted at a number of craft markets in the Melbourne Victoria region including

  • Flemington
  • Mornington
  • Red Hill
  • Werribee Park
  • Hanging Rock
  • Lardner Park
  • Healesville

They comprehensively supply all necessary materials required to ensure all budding artists have everything at their fingertips.

Best of all, all products are available for purchase if people wish to run their own workshops. Or if parents wish to attend the head office for an activity session, they can do so with all products supplied. Also the materials can all be purchased so that children’s activities can be run by an organization or individuals.


Other creative children’s activities might include The plaster fun house for example as discussed in last weeks Blog.

The beauty of both these activities is the accessibility and suitability for the very young. In essence both activities tap into some of the earliest skills favoured by early childhood development; ‘colouring in’. In the one, the child paints a plaster mould; in the other it’s a black outline of a child attractive design.

The Paint Pot People is a simple yet clever business model and its simplicity is its attraction. Kids love colouring in; they love painting and sitting in front of an easel to do so. images-3But the really clever point about the business model is that the hard work of a design is nonexistent. The Paint Pot People provide numerous kid friendly designs in an ever expanding range of themes. This means that there are quick results and immediate gratification. The completed masterpiece by virtue of any of these numerous design options will more often than not look great and is a fabulous take home from any event or venue.