The Plaster Funhouse.

Plaster Fun House is a business success model.

The concept is simple.
Choose and pay for a plaster model from an extensive range. Fees include free use of supplied paints to paint the creation. When it is complete, the value added is that they provide a spray gloss and glitter totally free if desired.

Other add ons include joggle eyes, bows, pom-poms, glasses, hats and many other items at a small additional charge to personalize the masterpiece.

From an activity developed with its head office in Ballarat, the company has successfully franchised the model so that Plaster Fun House is now a national entity. With stores in various locations, they also offer activities that can operate in shopping centers during school holidays, become part of school holiday programs and much more.


Plaster Fun House is known for its range of 3D pieces, together with several hundred wall plaques complete with hooks to hang on the wall when painted.

Smocks are available in all their stores and for when activities are operated away from stores; so staining of clothing is minimized with young children. This activity is suited to any age from 3 upwards and also has a large range of country scenes and other pieces for adults to try as well.


Plaster Fun House can assist schools, kindergartens, playgroups, senior citizens, scout groups, or virtually any group or organization with their fundraising activities, by providing creative and profitable opportunities.

Plaster Fun House caters for fundraising by providing plaster pieces, paints, brushes and other items as required. Management of the plaster-painting activities can be run at any suitable venue by non Plaster Funhouse staff.

Because of the easy and fun nature of the activity, Plaster Fun House is often seen at community festivals, school incursions, and shopplng centers during school holidays.

Plaster Fun House offers a variety of creative forms of entertainment for children. With hundreds of figurines to choose from, children of all ages can combine an artistic way of learning while all the time having fun.

The variations of artwork that eventuate are a cause of constant surprise and delight by all involved.

A range of themes can be incorporated into school or after school curriculum and it costs nothing to ask if specific themes are available.

Plaster Fun House developed a simple concept, suitable for all ages from 3 and over, have successfully grown the business to become a national company and delighted thousands in the process.