There is an art to crafting a beautiful Marionette puppet. Training in String puppet construction is virtually impossible if you don’t live in Europe, ….Until now with the release of a new DVD series. See below for details.

String Puppetry is the classical ballet of puppetry. It occupies top position along side Bunraku, the body style puppetry from Japan or Shadow puppetry from Indonesia. Performing with Marionettes requires an immense amount of training and skill to perfect. Opportunities to learn how to both build and perform in this medium have been exceedingly limited before now.

String puppetry can easily be performed badly. With wild swinging movements, any subtlety can be quickly and easily lost. Plus, it is far easier to find a badly made unlovely puppet than to find a beautifully crafted one. For example, with flat paddles that only suggest hands, any sense of delicacy, finesse, detail or likeability goes out the window.

There is an art to crafting a beautiful string puppet. Because of complexities such as weighting and stringing the puppet, for example, newcomers may not have the experience to understand the particular needs for best results of this specific medium.

Europe has a long and strong tradition of this style of puppetry with multiple puppet festivals throughout all the various countries of the continent.

Prague is considered a leader in string puppetry and consequently offers ample training opportunities and performances. Its rise to this perceived greatness in puppet circles means that those interested must exercise a great level of discernment.

Prague is awash with puppet shops full of mould made copies that have little likeability or true functionality for the serious puppeteer. It has become a cheap tourist souvenir trap. The serious puppeteer must know where to look, or alternatively have contacts in place that know the low down on what’s on offer.

But what of the beginner? Travel from the other side of the world can be prohibitively expensive on all resources. Contact with anyone ‘in-the-know’ is highly unlikely.

Yet with the growing popularity of puppetry, more and more people are wishing to learn the art of performing and certainly building.

You Tube is awash with short segments dedicated to teaching building and performing but unfortunately, they are typically very brief and in fact of limited value.

There is no substitution for getting along side an experienced professional. But opportunities to do so are also limited and not readily available as described above. So if it is not possible to travel to Europe (or it may not be necessary), if it is not possible to get a long side a teacher, there is a new alternative on the market.

We have produced a new DVD on Marionette woodcarving, which combines self-taught plus ‘prague-ian’ techniques assembled over a 30-year ‘experiential’ history in the field. (She means out there doin’ it…)

See below for details.

RE: The Virtual Workshop of Puppetry, Volume 1 – Carved Wooden Marionettes. 2-disk set.
This is the first volume in a proposed series on puppet construction techniques. The entire series will cover various techniques and genres from the very simple to the more advanced.

Volume 1 – ‘Carved Wooden Marionettes’ is aimed at intermediate to advanced levels and invites you to benefit from over 30 years experience of master puppeteer Steve Scott. Steve’s work has been showcased abroad and his performances adored by countless audiences in refugee camps and Palaces. As the series producer, Steve intends to extend the ‘gospel’ of puppetry and it’s magical healing properties by passing on some of his accumulated skills and insights which has afforded him a “..wonderful career in enchantment”.

“…just like looking over the shoulder of the maker…”, this box set contains a 2Hr. DVD giving clear video demonstrations of the construction intricacies in all aspects required to complete a carved wooden puppet. From design to ‘stringing’ Steve takes you through the complete process and shows alternatives.

The included CD ROM contains puppet plans, photos, and notes. The plans can be printed and scaled to your needs. Email support is offered.

If you want to learn the techniques of carving a beautiful wooden marionette, but can’t afford the travel to Europe, this affordable DVD is a fabulous alternative. You will learn principals that you can apply to your own designs to create truly unique and original work.

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If you can’t get along side a professional, this indepth Virtual Workshop is a fabulous alternative.

Grab a copy today. And please contact us if you have any queries about this.    or via our quick contact form on this site.

Learn how to make your own unique wooden carved Marionettes !!