Our stage shows for festivals, shopping centres and public libraries are always a huge hit with children, having been tested and performed countless times in front of live audiences within Australia and abroad.

“Gosper and the Tale of her Wings”  Story Telling: approximately 25 minutes – interactive.

“Gosper and the Tale of her Wings” is the story of a young Fairy whose wings won’t grow and is narrated by ‘Twirl’ an old friend of Gosper.

Come with Gosper on a journey of adventure, discovery and optimism in the face of challenges that threaten her chances of becoming a real flying Fairy.

The show commences with the magical and beautiful  art of contact ball manipulation to the accompaniment of  music written especially for the story by Sue Blakey.

Meet a cheeky older brother, sinister snake, a smelly swamp and a life saving owl that loves poetry.”

This show invites the audience to jump up and join in the action.

If it tells us anything, it tells us we should not give up in the face of adversity as help can come from unexpected places.

Suitable for 4/5s to 12 years olds and older kids that look adult on the outside.